The BellaLuxe Spa is the first dedicated lash studio in the DC Metropolitan Area. The owner also has an interest in Tarot card readings and has incorporated that into some of her services. Their tagline is "I See Beauty In Your Future."

I designed the logo and branding for Triadvise, a retirement financial planning company.

These are the brand guidelines I prepared for Triadvise.

Logo for a senior strategist and copywriter who is also a yoga instructor. In yoga, the standing figure four pose represents equanimity, creativity, and the perfect balance between vision and grounding.

The logo I designed for EVD Advertising was recognized by the LOGO 2001 competition.

In addition to the EVD logo, I also designed the business suite along with other branding. The business card utilized a unique gatefold design.

Technica holds multiple contract vehicles to support the Federal Government and its civilian agencies. I designed this series of contract logos to have distinct elements, while still maintaining a strong link to one another as well as the corporate brand. Although the logos each feature a different font, they are connected by color and approach with a visual “twist” in each one.

Logo for an online training site (unpublished).

This logo for a plumber was included in Print's Regional Design Annual.

American Health & Wellness Center is a pain management center that focuses on chiropractic treatments.

Logo for a company that installed USB ports in hotels.

More of a label than a logo really, but we did this for a bottle of coffee liquor that we gave to some of our clients as a Holiday gift. It was featured in Print's Regional Design Annual.

L-3 Titan Linguist Operations & Technical Support specializes in providing technical support services and operations for their customers. It conducts operations including translation, interpretation and linguist or analyst support to deploy and home-station military organizations. (Unpublished)

This logo is for a partnership of neonatal doctors with the goal of improving business practices along with patient care.

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