We recommended that GSA adopt an integrated brand communications strategy that emphasized a customer-centric approach. The primary objective was to shift their Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) market strategy from promoting “contracts” to a “solutions-based” approach. I designed and illustrated the concierge campaign icon which was developed to reinforce message of customer service.
I designed the three-page launch ad and came up with the headline, "One Country. One Mission. One Source." not only announce the merger, but to highlight their value proposition that they are America's only source solely dedicated to procuring goods and services for government. GSA liked the headline so much that it became the tagline for the campaign.
After the initial launch ad, I also designed a series of agency-focused ads with the same look and feel.
Subsequent solution-focused ads ran in a variety of government trade publications, securing nearly 9.7 million impressions between print and interactive media.
I designed a Desk Reference Guide and Z-Card to help GSA staff understand the range of solutions and tools that FAS provides to its customers. GSA FAS saw a 4.6% jump in revenues between 2007 and 2008.
We created the Customer Assistance Guide as a comprehensive resource for customers across the entire FAS enterprise. We also developed a suite of solutions brochures to support the new customer-focused, solutions-driven approach for its customers.

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