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Beatles for Sale

Category : Art, Design, Illustration · No Comments · by March 24, 2017


Playing around with reimagining Beatles songs as vintage advertising art.


Category : Art, Design · No Comments · by January 24, 2017


Ever since I bought a MINI Cooper last summer I’ve been fascinated by its history. Here are some images from past ads for the car. Let’s motor…!

Voya Retirement Guides

Category : Design · No Comments · by January 13, 2016


Since most of us won’t be lucky enough to win the Powerball Jackpot, we need to plan for retirement. I designed these retirement guides for a branch office of Voya to present to their customers in the Arlington government. The materials include a retirement workbook, resource guide and pocket folder.

Julia & Justin’s Wedding

Category : Design, Illustration · No Comments · by September 14, 2015


It was a lot of fun designing a variety of materials for my son Justin’s nuptials. It also gave Renee a chance to pull out her watercolor brushes again. We ended up finding other uses for some of the “rejected” original invitation design options (hence the mixed branding). It was a fantastic event, although I may be a bit biased…

Signs of San Francisco

Category : Design · No Comments · by September 20, 2014

Here are some signs I saw recently on a trip to San Francisco. Lots of interesting typography…

R.I.P. Massimo Vignelli

Category : Design · No Comments · by May 28, 2014


(Jim McNamara/The Washington Post) – Massimo Vignelli shows his subway signs proposed for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in 1968. Mr. Vignelli, the celebrated designer, died May 27 at 83.

Happy Earth Day!

Category : Design, Illustration · No Comments · by April 22, 2014


This illustration and cover design was done for the spring issue of a self-promotional newsletter for West + Associates. It even came with a custom-designed packet of seeds glued to the cover.

Retro Mad Men Posters

Category : Design · No Comments · by April 14, 2014


Not all of these tributes to movie posters of the past are successful, but overall I think they did a great job. I always get a kick out of trying to replicate a genre from the history of graphic design and it looks like the designers here were enjoying themselves as well.


Technica University

Category : Design · No Comments · by March 17, 2014


Technica is launching an online training program for their employees. Originally it was going to be called “Technica University” but they ended up choosing another name. This design was going to be used as a graphic on the login page.

Mad Milton

Category : Design · No Comments · by March 7, 2014


How cool is this! Milton Glaser did the promotional artwork for the new (final) season of Mad Men. He has always been one of my graphic design and illustration heroes. Is it life imitating art or the other way around…?