Experienced Creative Director and Designer

Creative Team Leader | Experienced Designer | Problem Solver

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Strategic thinker or conceptual creative? Leader or collaborator? Google or Bing? These are tough choices. But what if you didn’t have to choose? As a Creative Director with a diverse background and many years of experience, I have often been told that I’m one of those rare individuals who is capable of using both left-brained and right-brained thinking (even if I occasionally get my kids’ names mixed up).

As a senior creative manager, and former business owner, one of my chief strengths that set me apart is my strong relationship building skills. Not only between the firm and the client, but also with both the creative and account management teams. I achieve this by encouraging an open dialogue and adopting a collaborative approach. I have extensive experience in producing exceptional marketing results for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients. Much of my success comes from my versatility, my ability to be forward-thinking, and my process management skills.

I enjoy interfacing with clients, from the initial pitch meeting and project launch to the production process and delivery of final materials, to ensure clients feel engaged and involved in every step of the process. I am intimately involved with developing the strategic direction, as well as the creative execution, of all deliverables. I work together with the account management team to help identify additional creative opportunities for clients as part of new business development. Finally, I work closely with the design team throughout the project to ensure that the client’s goals are met while producing creative that meets the highest standards for quality.